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A trip to Phonica Records to find some good material and it looks like someone has found a place to crash! one of London’s top record shops for dance music, worth a visit in Soho has vinyl records at reasonable prices and a great place to hang out. Its been voted as the 12th worlds
Rave-A-Roo is a brand new day time, mash-up of festival fun for the whole family. It’s the ultimate event for kids which mixes disco ball games, live stage performances and much more for little ones and their adults to take to the dance floor with Rave-A-Roo resident artists from Nick Jr. and The Mr Ben
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Party At Aynhoe Park

We are excited to have the prestigious Aynhoe Park on our venue list. A private country house overshadowing 250 acres of country in the heart of England where the wonderful and amazing come to life. We will be playing at regular events at Aynhoe and will would love to share this experience with you, but

The First Turntable Made

The Phonosuper SK5 designed by the Germans in 1956. One of the worlds first vinyl turntables made, with its own stylus needle and fast forward, play buttons, its innovation dubbed the turntable a musical instrument of its own kind. It was a great find at the Design Museum in Kensington, London. I recommend it. Above
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Some people have a natural flair for singing and dancing and love making a career out of it. It would be a wonderful idea if you could become a professional DJ where your talent could be harnessed to the maximum. All you need to do is to get enrolled in one of the private party

Saturday at Del’ Aziz

A night of Soul, Disco & Funk…. If you’re out and about in London this weekend, we’ll be taking over Zahra Bar below Del’ Aziz Clapham every Saturday night… Just look how beautiful this venue is! Expect great drinks offers and DJ’s keeping it groovy playing soul, funk & disco.

Throwback Thursday!

London Olympics 2012 We’re remembering when Ben himself played in the Olympic Village for the closing party after all of the athletes finished competing for their countries! The atmosphere looks electric as you can see all the athletes unwind after giving it their all! Check out the video!

Mr Ben’s Wonder Emporium

Do you need a party? Here at the Mr Ben Agency, we stock the latest in Pioneer equipment including the latest CDJ 2000 Nexus & the DJM 900 SRT.  Alternatively, if you fancy something different from Pioneer, we have the CDJ 2000’s little brother, the 900 Nexus maybe for those smaller parties or just to


  We’re in the office today wishing we could have been a part of Boomtown Fair, but we’re not missing the post festival blues! Here‘s 59 pictures that really show how wonderfully weird and amazing the weekend was. This year at Boomtown headlining were DJ EZ, Paleman, Squarepusher, A Guy Called Gerald, Official Mr Scruff,

Nathan Flutebox Lee & The Clinic!

NATHAN FLUTEBOX LEE & THE CLINIC PRESS RELEASE Introducing the incredible, unique, explosive and extraordinary groundbreaking talent that is Nathan “Flutebox” Lee and his band The Clinic which features some of the UK’s hottest artists, Biscuit (Speakers Corner Quartet) alto flute, Renell Shaw (Rudimental) bass guitar, & Edem Hayibor drums, MC MysDiggi(Mystro) and The Last

A Very Satisfying Djing Encounter

Many years ago when Djing was just coming up I happened to attend a New Year eve party at one of my friend’s places. That was when I first saw a DJ performance and in fact learnt what Djing was all about.  It was a rather medium crowd, just us friends getting together to make

The Secret Garden Party The mud at The Secret Garden Party didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits! Check out this chap making the most of the weather conditions! Nice moves! At Secret Garden Party we saw acts such as Jackmaster, Sasha, Skream, Eats Everything, The Martinez Brothers and Joy Orbison! There were some fantastic stages like The
One of the foremost things that you, as a one of the DJs in London should be doing is to make certain that you are seen and heard of. And that is no mean task. Agreed that you have a successful career as a DJ, but to ensure that you remain one of the top

How to Promote Yourself as a DJ

Just having a DJ name and a few paid gigs isn’t enough in the long run. If you want to establish your DJ business and earn more recognition and money, then selling yourself is very important. You could also register with a DJ agency. London offers many such agencies that give DJs and equipment for

4 Mistakes Every New DJ Makes

Today, being just a DJ isn’t enough. You have to be a DJ-producer, where you mash-up, remix as well as produce your own music. If you want to make yourself count and be something more than private party DJs in London, then you must avoid making these four mistakes:

4 Must-Have Skills for Every New DJ

The whole music scenario has changed so much for DJs in London. Gone are the days of turntable and vinyl, today technology dictates the whole DJing business. If you are a newbie and still looking to get your first few gigs, you need to have DJing skills plus networking skills. Nowadays, just being skilled isn’t

Tips To Choose DJ Equipment

A DJ is nothing without his equipment, literally. Whether you buy your own gear or go for DJ equipment hire in London offers many options for upcoming DJs. The gear you choose can make or break your career. So follow these tips irrespective of whether you’re buying your own equipment or getting them on hire.
In this age of technology, when anybody can be a DJ, much of the difference between a professional and an amateur, is in the equipment used by them. Professional private party DJs in London use turntables, advanced music players, mixers, headphones, and other such equipment to create an atmosphere that is just right for the

How to Choose a Party DJ

Music often sets the mood for a party. Whether it’s a wedding, a birthday, or anniversary, having live music lends a different atmosphere to the party. If you’re hiring a DJ and are serious about quality, go only for the best DJ agency. London offers a number of such agencies that are well equipped to