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AYNHOE PARK Award-winning restorer James Perkins has made Aynhoe Park a place for the extraordinary and the unusual. On completing the grandiose parkland design, envisioned by his predecessor Capability Brown, James has given new life to the stately country home, of Oxfordshire. The house weddings and lavish communions have had their fair share of the
On 10th August, Cascabel hosted Greetings from Space, a night of DJs, Cocktails, Food and Art in the new EXP Cantina terrace by the canal in Hackney Wick. DJ ANDY SMITH Transatlantic design collective Cascabel Studio & Radio are a rising force in the London art and music scene, having brought their unique approach to cross-cultural collaboration to the UK
May the 4th Be With You young skywalker! It was Star Wars Day and The Mr Ben Agency are huge fans of the universe that is Star Wars. In celebration we got to see everyone from across the world put up their wacky, funny and beautiful creations plus memorabilia on social media. We picked out

Duke Beat Box Summer Tour

Ed Travers on the vocals, Marko Pandazis on the beat box sounds and Flynn Stronach on the guitar strings, a triple threat in the music scene known as Duke Beat Box have stormed their way through the scene, with their uncanny vocals and covers, this band is more than just a performance act.
Marisco Night Club needs your help… In the form of a selfie video!! The Marisco Club, North Devon, is about to enter her 50th year as a nightclub – an accolade no other club in the country can boast!! We want to give her the facelift she deserves in her 50th with the hope that
On Monday 10th April MC Harry Shotta wanted to rave out like he has never done before, and what better way to meet those goals but to hold a free rave event, open to the public, but this event may have been a little too close to the public, as the MC took his equipment,

Sun and Samba from DJ Limao

We are happy to announce our latest DJ added to our never ending list. DJ Limao is a legend in his own right, being born and bred from sunny Sao Paulo, to moving on and settling in London, he has not forgotten his roots and has brought some of that warmth with him.

Introducing Marymoon DJ

The Mr Ben Agency is happy to announce international superstar MaryMoon DJ to be joining us on our roster. Based in St. Petersburg, Russia, the international music producer, DJ and visual artist is coming to the UK this April as part of her tour. Graduating from the esteemed Sotheby’s Institute of Arts, Mary Moon is
Rebel Bingo is an out of control, intense and highly emotional style of bingo. With the new wave of trends, Rebel Bingo has upped the ante and is changing the rules of all traditional formats of bingo. If you are looking for more than just a nice cup of tea and the occasional break of
This week we are grooving the the melodies of Japanese DJ Kengo Oshima, going by the stage name DJ Kengo San, Kengo has not only started his own movement in London, known as the 4tothefloor project, but is 1 of 4 of The Cuban Brothers. Check out their latest work on soundcloud, a mix of
Boca45 aka Scott Hendy is currently working on his up coming album and for those who simply can’t wait, here’s a peek at his first single, “JUMP” featuring BluRum13 from the debut album “CAROUSEL”. The official single will be released on March 23rd 2017 and LP is released on May 1st.
Bar Wars is coming back again, the popular event that was broadcast on Channel 4 filled with crazy obstacle courses and sports activities, will be launching once again by the games organisers, events company The Mr Ben Agency. The Big Apple on the beach in Brixton will host the Bar Wars games launch night and
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Jim Wilson aka The Pipe is a Hollywood star in his own right. As part of his Vinyl Shelf series he collected exactly that, stacks on stacks of vinyls categorised in his personal library of rock classics and anthems. A rare find of his includes Kimono My House by Sparks. A founding member of the blues
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Artist of The Week Bad Barbie

Bad Barbie DJ is our artist of the week and we hope you fall in love with this bad bitch as much as we do! Lets get our day right with this funk mix from her. BIO Bad Barbie burst on to the scene playing her unique style, a special blend of reggae, funk, disco
Thought about who may have the biggest record collection in the world? and what it would look like? Zero Freitas, a Brasilian entrepreneur has been investing his time and cash since 18 years of age. He owned 10,000 vinyls by 20 years. Now with over 7 million records in his posession, this collector has reached
A trip to Phonica Records to find some good material and it looks like someone has found a place to crash! one of London’s top record shops for dance music, worth a visit in Soho has vinyl records at reasonable prices and a great place to hang out. Its been voted as the 12th worlds
Rave-A-Roo is a brand new day time, mash-up of festival fun for the whole family. It’s the ultimate event for kids which mixes disco ball games, live stage performances and much more for little ones and their adults to take to the dance floor with Rave-A-Roo resident artists from Nick Jr. and The Mr Ben
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Party At Aynhoe Park

We are excited to have the prestigious Aynhoe Park on our venue list. A private country house overshadowing 250 acres of country in the heart of England where the wonderful and amazing come to life. We will be playing at regular events at Aynhoe and will would love to share this experience with you, but

The First Turntable Made

The Phonosuper SK5 designed by the Germans in 1956. One of the worlds first vinyl turntables made, with its own stylus needle and fast forward, play buttons, its innovation dubbed the turntable a musical instrument of its own kind. It was a great find at the Design Museum in Kensington, London. I recommend it. Above
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Some people have a natural flair for singing and dancing and love making a career out of it. It would be a wonderful idea if you could become a professional DJ where your talent could be harnessed to the maximum. All you need to do is to get enrolled in one of the private party