Southbeach Recycling

South Beach Recycling consists of twin brothers, Sergio and Rosi Fernandez,  who were heavily involved in the launch of the NYC Disco and Hip Hop scenes.

Originally hailing from the Bronx, the twins started young throwing block parties at one end of Sedgwick Avenue, unfortunately for them, it was the opposite end to Kool Herc, therefore was not fantastically attended. It did however give the boys exposure and more importantly the chance to practise on their Uncle Daves almost defunct sound system.

After 20 years of putting tracks together, learning their craft listening to the work of their hero’s Walter Gibbons, Larry Levan, Danny Krivit, Dimitri From Paris and Al Kent, getting promoted to head sorters and collectors of recycling for Miami South Beach Council, the boys got it together, rented a studio flat uptown and got themselves on the internet where their work laid for a few years until being discovered across the pond by the UK’s renowned Disco label Midnight Riot.

Midnight Riot have since acquired the original tapes of the boys work and have published their work firstly on the chart topping Midnight Riot 8 album and now with their own EP recently released… seems there may be more to come.

With Airplay from Andy Sharps Stomp Radio in London, Bad Barbie on Kane FM, and as far away on Cool Hand J’s show in South Carolina and charting by numerous DJ’s the Fernandez boys legacy looks to live on in their music.