Nat Kat

Nat Kat is a Dj from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her style comprises genres like Disco, Boogie, Funk and House. She also makes her own music. Nat Kat performed in some of the best venues of Buenos Aires and South America. In 2015 she had her first season in Ibiza, working at Pacha, Sa Trinxa, Hotel ME, Aguas de Ibiza Hotel, Chiringay, Polo Ibiza Club, Guarana, El Amante Beach Club, Atzaro, Sushi Point, and several private parties and events.In 2015 and 2016 Nat Kat played in the main VIP of The Rolling Stones, Pearl Jam, Coldplay and Paul McCartney’s BA gigs. In 2016 Nat did an European tour in which she appeared in four festivals through the UK and Ibiza. She had two gigs in Boomtown, one in End of the Road, a couple more at the Carnivall of Nothing Hill and five at Bestival, in which she opened for Katy B and Major Lazer, among others. Back in Ibiza she returned to Pacha on Friday August 19th, where she had one of the best nights of the season at the Lolitas Summer Party and also at the Amante Beach Club. In 2017 made a weekly program on FM Blue 100.7 one of the main radios in Argentina called Party On. With a musical and fun proposal fro the radio Nat was playing live and talking to her partner Trini Lopez Rosende and also reported from her European and African tour. Nat continued to perform at the best places in Buenos Aires. From June to September she made her third European tour playing in new festivals such as Camp Bestival, where he performed on four occasions and different stages, closing in the Lucky Cat Vip. Then at Bestival she had six shows, four on one of the main stages and opening for British rapper Jamie T. Between festivals and her stay in London she also played in bars, radios and clubs. One of the highlight of the tour was a private event she held for The Rolling Stones and many celebrities on a boat over the Thames. In September she was hired for a week in the Maritius Islands (Republic of Mauritius, Africa) to hold three private events for the Lux Hotels chain and the closing of the Kite Surf World Cup Mauritius 2017 world championship. Today she continues to play in the best nightclubs, parties and private events in Argentina and is finishing an Ep of 4 songs that will be released to the national and international market.