Leeroy Thornhill

Leeroy Thornhill pretty much defiles all pre-set conformities...and rightly so as, though being one of four founder members of the now world-famous The Prodigy since their conception way at the turn of 1990, this Essex-born-and-bred navigator in advanced sound manipulation now finds himself in the newly-acquired position of being in full control of his own musical operations.

Rewinding around ten years or so and whilst The Prodigy (after unleashing 'Experience') were fast gaining a reputation throughout the early peripherals of what would later become the fully-fledged U.K hardcore movement by performing live P.A.'s at clubs and warehouse events from one end of the country to another, Leeroy had already made his initial forays into acquiring the relevant studio equipment, subsequently leading on to the man then arranging and writing his first few excursions into track construction.

Though becoming a slow process at first, this would take full form around three years down the line in '93 as, after Leeroy taking up the ubiquitous skills of the wheels of steel a year previous to this a more breakbeat / hardcore-based influence, the debut vinyl releases from his very self, albeit as a limited white-label-only and under the guise of Lowrise, would surface, and to much critical acclaim.