DeeJay Random

DeeJay Random (The Steel Devils) first learnt to scratch at the age of 14 and has been a hip-hop/scratch DJ, professionally, since 1986. His style is un-orthodox, to say the least, and is usually pretty aggressive.

He loves to cut breaks and trash funk records, fuck around with strange drum breaks, battle geeks and smash to pieces anyone stupid enough to try and fuck him over. His un-orthodoxness will carnagerize any wishy washy bullshit you may think you have invented.

DeeJay Random is a Hip Hop/Scratch DJ and is one of the founding members of The Steel Devils DJ crew.
He has been a professional DJ since 1987 and has been a Technics/DMC champion twice and represented the UK in the world's most prestigious DJ competitions several times. As well as being a scratch DJ and playing the finest independent Hip Hop, he also plays Funk/Soul sets with an edge and is comfortable to switch between the two.

He has toured with and supported some of the biggest names around including Jazzy Jeff, Grand Wizzard Theodore, Jazzy Jay, The Scratch Perverts, Lootpack, DJ Woody, Boca 45, Ty, Rodney P, J-Zone to name a few.
DeeJay Random's style can be aggressive and hard as he turntablises the finest Funk and can also be subtle and smooth as he mixes his way through a selection of beats that sound like the original block party vibe